About Us

  • Pinnacle Events & Expos, LLC. (The Women’s Expo), a woman-owned business, has been producing dynamic events and expos throughout the Midwest since 1998.  Our talented team has decades of collective event and business expertise with additional experience in advertising and marketing.

    We believe in bringing together people for a mutually beneficial purpose.  As a company we strive to provide supportive opportunities for women-owned businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors, and companies large and small.  We want to provide an entertaining value to attendees and make a positive impact in the markets we serve.  We approach our events by considering the different perspectives of the attendees, the exhibitors and sponsors.  By doing so, we create a community.

    Attendees experience events designed to be interactive, entertaining and fun.  Women are able to discover new products, information and ideas.  Visitors can try something new and enjoy rejuvenating services.  We provide value and entertainment.

    Exhibitors utilize the expo format by being able to connect with consumers on a personal level.  This creates an opportunity not only for sales, but to build relationships and loyalty.  This interaction is perfect for launching new products, sampling and getting your product into the hands of potential consumers.  Introducing products, services and information at expos provides invaluable market insight and feedback.  The Women’s Expos’ specific audience is a perfect fit for female focused enterprises or initiatives.

    Sponsors maximize the personal marketing aspect of an expo with their higher profile role.  In addition to the personal marketing opportunities of having a booth at the event, attendees regard a sponsor as a “host” for a memorable experience.  These in-depth and interpersonal marketing occasions are exceptional.  The value added opportunities a sponsor enjoys create a lasting impression and strengthens their long-term relationship with the audience.

    Community and Giving Back are important to us a company.  We launched an initiative to incorporate a charitable component into all of our events.  We feel it is vital to have a positive impact in our community.

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